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At AquaZip Australia we design and create the highest quality sun protection swimwear to all swimmers worldwide.

AquaZip Australia is proud to manufacture all our swimwear in Australia to the highest quality.  Our team are passionate about using environmentally responsible and sustainable materials.  We pride ourselves on designing modern, innovative products that improve the look, feel and practicality of our swimwear for our customers.  We have teamed with the best in the industry to revise our designs, redesign and produce swimwear that evolves every season.

Australia has a beach and water lifestyle, our kids are constantly playing in sand, diving into the pool and running around our various water environments.

AquaZip was born from a need to have high sun protection while being practical yet fashionable.  Recently, AquaZip has expanded to include a ladies range and with a bit more hard work a boys and men’s swimwear range.

AquaZip Australia’s customers are diverse and wide spread.  We cater to the entire Australian market and have recently expanded into the New Zealand and American market. 

On a personal note the team have known each other for 10 years. Between us we have 4 children, 1 beautiful girl and 3 typical boys who love the pool, beach and the great Australian outdoors. We knew we wanted to get involved in this company and take it places and give our children the best start to “sun safe” knowledge

We are very proud of the vision that we have for AquaZip Australia and hope that you also enjoy this journey with us.













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